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JAN Trust’s 2018 journey!

At the start of New Year, it is natural to reflect on and consider how the year has been. Needless to say 2018 has been an incredible and busy year for us at JAN Trust! We’ve had some amazing highs, including working on vital social change projects and celebrating the achievements of our women! However ...

The rise of the trolls!

One person said I should get cancer, I had somebody threatening to find me and tie me up”. Last week, best-selling feminist author, Jessica Valenti, decided to take a break from social media following death and rape threats directed at her 5 year-old daughter. In recent weeks, there has been a surge in online hate and abuse directed …

CEO writes for The Huffington Post

CEO writes for The Huffington Post

“If we keep our eyes open and educate all those around us, we can make a difference.” Sajda Mughal has written for The Huffington Post. This is about how social media companies must make more of a stand against terrorist content online. Read more here.