Counter Terror - My thoughts after 13 years

A Home Office decision to withdraw funding from our flagship counter terrorism project, Web Guardians™, threatens to put our communities and the public at great risk. As a survivor of 7/7 I am all too aware how important it is that we continue to prevent and tackle online radicalisation. I have dedicated my life to addressing the issue in my own community and am appalled by the decision made by the Home Office to withdraw funding for our Web Guardians™ programme, based on budget constraints. This decision leaves me deeply concerned and not only discredits the successful efforts of JAN Trust, that have been pivotal in changing how we tackle online radicalisation and protecting so many vulnerable young people; but it is also failing society, putting public safety at risk. I do not want to see another 7/7. It is deeply saddening that this decision has been made so close the 13th anniversary of 7/7, and therefore begs the question, what has changed over the last 13 years?

Sajda Mughal OBE, CEO, JAN Trust and 7/7

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