About Us

JAN Trust

About us: Since 1989 we have worked with vulnerable women and young people from BAMER and Muslim backgrounds to help them overcome barriers to integration and inclusion, so they can improve their prospects. These barriers include lack of key skills such as English, together with social isolation, lack of self-confidence, low emotional well-being and poor awareness of options open to them. Discriminatory practices including refugee and faith-based hate-crime make things even worse for many.

Additionally, some of our service users face restrictive and harmful cultural practices such as forced marriages, FGM. Concerns about radicalisation is a further challenge experienced by many. This real experience, rooted in communities, keeps us in touch with the needs of vulnerable women and enables us to continually learn and develop new projects, campaigns and services in response to what they tell us. As a result we have become a national charity as well as continuing to deliver much needed local services in the London Borough of Haringey and surrounding boroughs.

Our model is unique in the way it has developed holistically over time to reflect evolving needs. Our responsive and grassroots approach has earnt us multiple awards and widespread recognition

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