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Representation and responsibility: Film and TV writers need to acknowledge their influence and use it wisely

Embed from Getty Images Not all film and television writers claim to be trying to alleviate social injustice with their stories or use their creativity as a catalyst for social change. Some may write personal stories, or stories that are completely fictitious or designed as pure, light-hearted entertainment. However, it would be burying your head …

CEO writes for The Huffington Post

CEO writes for The Huffington Post

“If we keep our eyes open and educate all those around us, we can make a difference.” Sajda Mughal has written for The Huffington Post. This is about how social media companies must make more of a stand against terrorist content online. Read more here.

7/7 – The Day that shook Britain

By Sajda Mughal OBE, survivor from the Piccadilly tube bombing and Director of JAN Trust. A decade has now nearly passed since 7th July 2005 when four bombs were detonated in rush hour on the tubes and a bus in central London killing 52 innocent civilians and injuring more than 700. The tragedy I went through …

How to spot Islamophobia in the media

Alan Judd, a journalist from The Telegraph recently wrote an article entitled ‘How to spot a terrorist living in your neighbourhood’.  The article attempts to educate readers on how to identify potential extremists by being aware of their social interactions and changes in behaviour. While the article suggests that certain attributes are often portrayed by potential …