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Daesh Propaganda Fizzles but Threats Remain

There is no doubt that Daesh is crumbling in the Middle East. It’s lost vast swathes of territory along with many of its leaders and fighters. Clearly, great news for families in the Middle East, but there’s also a welcome knock-on effect for families protecting their loved ones here in the UK. Research shows that …

More Than 30,000 People Radicalised Online: How to Prevent It Happening to Your Children

According to Spain’s Secretary of State for Security, Daesh has now radicalised more than 30,000 people online to join its ranks. The announcement came as Francisco Martinez was addressing an international security forum in Leon, France. That figure is truly shocking. It shows just how dangerous the threat of cyber-terrorist grooming is and will continue to …

Jihadi Bride Heading Women’s Cell

This week news reports emerged that British widow Sally Jones is leading a secret army of female jihadis who are aiming- along with their children, to launch a violent wave of suicide attacks in Europe. The mother of two has been hailed by Daesh as a figurehead for the recruitment of western girls and women. …

CEO writes for The Huffington Post

CEO writes for The Huffington Post

“If we keep our eyes open and educate all those around us, we can make a difference.” Sajda Mughal has written for The Huffington Post. This is about how social media companies must make more of a stand against terrorist content online. Read more here.

Sajda Mughal OBE is awarded Ultimate Humanitarian of 2015

On 2nd December 2015, our Director, Sajda Mughal OBE, was awarded the Ultimate Humanitarian in the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Awards 2015! The award is given out every year based on a public voting system where Cosmopolitan readers vote for who they think has been the most inspiring woman in each different category. Sajda who was awarded an …

Closing the borders is not the answer

The tragic attacks in Paris which killed 130 people have shocked and deeply saddened people around the world, millions of people on different social media platforms showed their support for the victims of the attack through changing their profile pictures or posting a picture of a peace sign combined with the Eiffel Tower. However, many …

JAN Trust in RED magazine

JAN Trust in RED magazine

“We equip a mother with the counter narrative for her to channel her child’s grievances in a positive way.” Sajda Mughal OBE has been featured in RED magazine to speak about her pioneering work countering extremism. Read more here.