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The effects of child poverty and social exclusion in the UK

It is well known that young people growing up in poorer families leave school with substantially lower levels of educational attainment. Such ‘achievement gaps’ are a major contributing factor towards patterns of social mobility. Compared to children from privileged backgrounds, disadvantaged young people are more likely to end up with fewer qualifications, higher unemployment and …

Free activities for Haringey youth over the summer!

Free activities for Haringey youth over the summer!

JAN Trust ( is offering free activities over the summer holidays for Haringey based Black, Asian and minority ethnic youth aged 11+. Activities include supplementary English and Maths classes along with social activities such as free trips to places of interest. To register your interest please phone us on 020 8889 9433.

British Asian Women at increased risk of self-harm

Britain is a multicultural society with nearly 6.4 million people being of ethnic minority communities. Mental health is an area of particular concern for the minority communities in this country. For years, the differences between black and minority ethnic groups (BME) and the white British population in the rates of mental illness have been the …