We offer a wide range of services as part of our work with schools and colleges, informed by nearly 30 years of grassroots experience. JAN Trust’s experienced facilitators are extremely knowledgeable and can un-pack complex topics in a sensitive and age appropriate way. We also pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to tailor our workshops and meet the needs of each school, college or institution.

JAN Trust has worked with a number of schools across the UK. We believe one of the best ways to prevent issues such as violence against women and girls and extremism is by educating our young people so that they are equipped with the skills to safeguard themselves, their peers and their family members. 

In the last 6 years, we have delivered over 600 school sessions. We have worked with over 55,000 young people and practitioners across the UK and have worked in over 30 boroughs.

We provide highly credible and expert training designed to raise awareness and deconstruct myths that surround sensitive topics, as well as to enable statutory and voluntary sectors to provide efficient and appropriate resources to their clients and service users concerning issues.

Safeguarding from Extremism

“We selected JAN Trust to deliver our training because we know their expertise is rooted in real experience in real communities.” Headteacher, London

JAN Trust has extensive experience in researching the issue of extremism; we know that by engaging with youth and listening to their grievances – whether it is isolation, or bullying – steps can be taken to prevent a vulnerable young person becoming at risk.

Following on from our research, we have designed our Safeguarding from Extremism workshops which we run for students, teachers, governors and parents around the country to educate them on extremism. As we are a key lead on online radicalisation in the UK, we pool this knowledge and educate participants on this issue and the dangers of the internet. By the end of the workshop, participants leave understanding how they can prevent themselves, their peers, their children, or their students from turning to extremism. Unlike other trainings, our workshops are uncontroversial and are aimed at encouraging community cohesion, rather than isolating communities further. Our sessions can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the target audience.

Our training has received excellent feedback;

“We had a number of very informative assemblies looking at Extremism and Radicalisation. All pupils in the school (roughly 1300 of them) watched, listened and asked questions about this very important contemporary issue. The slides were very clear and well organised and the presenter’s overall organisation and presentational skills were first class. Overall, the feedback from pupils and staff was excellent.”

“Before I thought that extremism was just a Muslim issue, but now I know that extremism happens everywhere and anyone from any religion or ethnicity can be an extremist.”

“We need more sessions like this to know more about extremism and especially how we can safeguard our students.”

“The presenter’s awareness of what extremism is and enhanced knowledge of facts and statistics was particularly helpful.”

“Teachers are feeling really overwhelmed with this issue – many teachers aren’t actually passionate about it. It is really good that organisations like yours are so passionate about tackling the issue.”

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Against Forced Marriage

In 2011, we launched our award winning Against Forced Marriage campaign through which we provide workshops to young people and practitioners across the UK. These workshops include support to victims or potential victims, deconstructing myths and the warning signs of a forced marriage.

JAN Trust has received exemplary feedback for this work;

“It was good for my students to build their awareness, and was pitched at their level. Many thanks for doing the seminar – valuable awareness for our young people.”

“Every professional should access this. The session sparked a lot of engaging and informative dialogue amongst professionals.”

To book your school session please email: [email protected].

Against FGM

Further to our award winning Against Forced Marriage campaign, we also launched our Against FGM campaign. This is aimed at empowering people to say no to FGM, and to end FGM in a generation. As part of our aim to eliminate FGM, we visit schools to give expert training on the dangers of FGM, raising awareness of the issue and how we can all play our part in preventing this violence.
JAN Trust delivers these preventative style workshops to students and teachers, in order for them to be educated in spotting the signs that a victim may display and how to tackle FGM appropriately.

Like our other workshops, we have received positive feedback for this work.

“We are now aware of FGM which is a worldwide concern – this should be taught in all schools.”

“This is an extremely important issue that was conducted and presented fantastically and in a brilliant manner.”

To book your school session please email: [email protected].