Against Knife Crime

Against Knife Crime

Against Knife Crime


Since 2010 JAN Trust has successfully run a number of programmes to prevent and tackle gun, knife and gang crime. Our Against Knife Crime programme was run with BAME women and mothers to raise awareness of the dangers young people in Haringey and surrounding boroughs face in relation to gangs and gang violence.

As part of the programme, women and mother engaged with the victims of gang crime, giving them an insight into gang life and the subsequent consequences.

JAN Trust continues to provide sensitive and confidential advice for women and mothers who are worried about their children being affected by gang related violence.

Baroness Lawrence, whose son Stephen Lawrence was tragically stabbed by a racist gang in 1993, has come on board as a Patron and a supporter of our mission. We thank her for the tireless work she has done over the years challenging violent crime and racism in the UK.

We have also blogged about violent crime, and specifically knife crime to raise awareness about this issue. You can find some of our pieces here:

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Some feedback from beneficiaries:

“Thank you for telling me about this important issue. I now know what to do and to look out for.”

“I will be talking more to my child and taking active part in his life making sure that he does not fall into the trap of crime.”