Countering Extremism

Countering Extremism

As a survivor of the 7/7 London bombings, Sajda Mughal OBE, CEO of the JAN Trust has channelled her energies to focus her efforts in preventing and countering extremism and online radicalisation.

We at JAN Trust have long been aware of the particularly powerful role played by exposure to radicalising material online, and the growing impact this is having to the growth of online radicalisation. In light of this we have developed our leading educational and training programmes to counter extremism and online radicalisation, from a grassroots level.

Web Guardians™

The highly acclaimed, Web Guardians™ Programme, is the outcome of extensive research that began in 2010 and included us consulting with hundreds of Muslim women and mothers. In 2012 we published our finding in a report titled ‘Internet Extremism: Working towards a Community Solution’. The programme is the first of its kind, designed to build community resilience through the education and empowerment of Muslim women and mothers to counter extremism and online radicalisation.

To date the programme has supported over 6,700 individuals from 24 ethnicities in over 18 areas of the UK.

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In addition to the Web Guardians™ programme, JAN Trust also supports and educates young people on the threats posed by online radicalisation, including both Islamic and Far right extremism. Our SAFE programme, safeguarding from extremism, delivers workshops in schools and colleges across London. We know that by engaging with youth and listening to their grievances whether it is isolation, or bullying steps can be taken to prevent a vulnerable young person becoming at risk of being radicalised online. Participants leave our workshops understanding how they can prevent themselves and their peers from turning to extremism and preventing online radicalisation.

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