Online Hate and the See It Report It initiative

Online Hate and the See It Report It initiative

The recent tragic burning alive of 26 year old Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasesbeh sent shockwaves around the globe.  The video, released by ISIS on the 3rd of February 2015, depicts one of the terrorist group’s most barbaric and heinous crimes yet and is a further example of the group’s warped ideology.  Our thoughts are with Muath’s family and the Jordanian people.

Not only has ISIS committed gross human rights abuses, they have violated the fundamental principles of Islam, torn Islamic scripture from its context and perverted Islamic rules of morality.  They have gone against interdictions surrounding the killing of the innocent and prisoners, denying women and children rights, torture, destroying graves and disfiguring the dead.  We have to be clear that ISIS is against everything that is Islamic.

Some individuals have come to equate ISIS’ ideology and terrorism with that of Islam and present all Muslims as suspects.  It is evident that one form of extremism is feeding another.  Consider the recently trending #killallmuslims on Twitter; it is not hard to find anti-Muslim comments across social media platforms.  For example, scrolling through Twitter responses to the murder of Muath, it is easy to find Islamophobic comments such as “Muslims are evil, but the good thing is centuries of marrying cousins has lowered their IQs to a point where they can’t compete with us” and “Kill every Muslim Man, Woman and Child.  Muslims are a Plague of Vermin that must be eradicated.


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It is despicable that acts of terrorism and extreme violence can be shared and used as fuel to promote hatred, fear, extremism and Islamophobia across the net.  That is why we have teamed up with other civil society groups to create See It Report It; an online tool which provides an easily accessible, step-by-step guide on how to report concerning material on the internet.

We cannot rely solely on social media companies and statutory agencies to combat the growing instances of hate on the internet.  We must take collective responsibility to ensure the internet is a safe place for all and prevent online hate corresponding with a rise in instances of real life abuse.

Take responsibility today and report offensive online content:

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