We must equip Muslim mothers to combat hate crime online

We must equip Muslim mothers to combat hate crime online

Hate crime is often perpetrated through direct violent words and actions, but also appears as indirect aggressions through the social media world.

Mocking physical appearance and use of abusive language, using derogatory labels and humiliation, and making false and abhorrent claims about a person, are all forms of bullying which may be categorised as hate crime. This includes racial, Islamophobic and anti-immigration attacks.

Whereas bullying was previously associated with the playground, cyber bullying occurs on internet platforms and involves pictures, comments, taunts and threats – and it’s on the rise. Psychiatrists and campaigners have raised the alarm about the impact of social media on mental health, citing women aged between 16 and 24 as a high-risk group.

new report shows that six out of ten parents are concerned about cyber bullying, yet nearly four out of ten are unaware of where to go to get help. That’s why the work we do at JAN Trust is so crucial.

Our Web Guardians™ programme is designed to equip Muslim mothers with the essential skills to tackle dangerous influencers online. With cultural sensitivity and technical expertise, we ensure mothers are left feeling confident about using online devices to support their children at home and, ultimately, to protect them.

To find out more about Web Guardians™, visit our website (http://webguardians.org/) or give us a call on 0208 889 9433. If you’re an organisation that is interested in partnering with us, please fill in our partnership form.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week runs from 8 – 15 October 2016.