JAN Trust’s 2019 Journey – Highs, Lows and Surprises

JAN Trust’s 2019 Journey – Highs, Lows and Surprises

At the end of the Year, it feels only appropriate to reflect on and consider the year JAN Trust has had. As is ever the case 2019 has been an incredible and busy year for us at JAN Trust! We have had some incredible highs, including celebrating our 30th anniversary, winning the education and training charity of the year at the charity awards and delivering or vital Web Guardians™ programme! Despite this, 2019 hasn’t been without it lows.  As a small grassroots charity, it is important to celebrate successes but also not to ignore the struggles that have been faced along the way. In this blog we have mapped out some of our highs and lows of 2019 so you can follow our story, the issues we have been dealing with and how far we’ve come! We are positive and looking forward to what 2020 will bring including supporting more women and delivering more exciting projects!

30 Years of JAN Trust

It has been 30 years since JAN Trust was founded and we’ve been celebrating all the achievements we have made since 1989. Over the last three decades, JAN Trust has been able to build a trusting relationship with vulnerable and marginalised women in the local community, making a real impact to their lives. Our focus has been on educating and engaging with local people to help combat the problems that may affect them. We have over the last 30 years become a trusted part of the community and this has enabled us to achieve so much!









JAN Trust founder Rafaat Mughal Awarded Local Legends Award at the National Lottery Awards 2019

It is incredibly fitting in the year JAN Trusts celebrates its 30th anniversary that Rafaat has been awarded the National Lottery Local Legends Award – a true testament to all she has done for the local community over the last 30 years. Through JAN Trust, Rafaat has successfully changed the lives of thousands of women and families in Haringey and across London, providing continuous support. We are delighted that all of her hard work, determination and dedication has been recognised as she continues to inspire us all at JAN Trust!

Charity Awards

In June we were incredibly proud to receive one of the most prestigious awards in the charity sector – the Education and training Charity of the Year 2019! This award recognises our pioneering Another Way Forward project. This initiative was supported by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and Google.org to empower young women against extremism. JAN Trust aimed to combat the root causes that lead to young women and girls being radicalised, including racism, hate crime and marginalisation, and to develop them into ambassadors against extremism. This is one of the first projects of its kind that encourages young people themselves to lead the narrative – an important factor in its success.

Web Guardians™ Delivery

In the final quarter of 2019 the JAN Trust team have been incredibly busy delivering our Web Guardians™ programme across the UK, including two wonderful certificate ceremonies to celebrate all the achievement of the Web Guardians™ champions in Islington and Camden.

Despite all of these highs, JAN Trust yet again shortly finds its self without funding for our vital Web Guardians™ programme. The programme has been at the forefront of countering online radicalisation for over a decade working with mothers and women, providing them with the skills, education and confidence to prevent online extremism and more recently gang recruitment in their families and community. This award-winning programme holds it reputation as a unique community initiative, focusing on the importance of women in countering-extremism. Whilst the programme remains unfunded there is an increasing risk to public safety, radicalisers do not wait. If the government is serious about tackling radicalisation in communities across the UK it will have to begin to properly fund preventive work such as the vital Web Guardians™ programme by JAN Trust, a leading grass roots organisation.