Crowd Funding Page

Crowd Funding Page

We over here at the JAN Trust are launching an online fundraising campaign in order raise money for our Against Forced Marriages project.  Forced marriages affect some of the most vulnerable people in the UK from very marginalised and non-mainstream communities, and often these individuals find it very difficult to seek help.

Statistics from the Forced Marriage Unit have shown us that 25% victims were under the age of 17 (the youngest being just 2 years old) and 114 cases involved victims who had disabilities.

To combat this, JAN Trust provides direct support services to the community which include a free Forced marriage help line, workshops and seminars in educational institutions and a highly commended training programme for front-line professionals.

We at the JAN Trust realise that despite our great efforts we need to reach many more potential and current victims of forced marriages all over the UK.  We would like to move our campaign into every single borough in London and expand to regions outside of the capital which report a high forced marriages rate.  In order for us to do this we need YOUR help.  We have provided support to thousands of people and delivered our training programme to hundreds of professionals including teachers, doctors, social workers and police officers, but we want to do MORE.


We have set up a crowd funding page in order to raise £3,000 in 8 weeks to expand the work we are doing so that we are able to reach many more people.  We have 5 different rewards packages available for our generous donors:

£10 or more – A very public declaration of our gratitude, made personally to you, on Facebook, Twitter and our Against Forced Marriages website.

£20 or more – A short video just for you, from the ‘Against Forced Marriages’ team and the women in our centres.

£50 more – A pillow with your name on it, hand-crafted by the women in our sewing and design classes.

£100 or more -A special gift pack including two items hand-crafted by the women in our centres, plus some added extras from the ‘Against Forced Marriages’ team.

£200 or more – An Against Forced Marriages training session for you and your work colleagues or community.

Everybody deserves the chance to choose who they marry, and live a life free from abuse and degradation.  Help us reach more victims wherever they are in the UK.


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