30 years of JAN Trust – What’s Changed?

30 years of JAN Trust – What’s Changed?

This year we celebrate our 30th Anniversary and thought this would be a perfect opportunity on how our work has developed over the past 30 years.

The vision that resulted in the birth of JAN Trust almost 30 years ago is one still widely shared by the charity today; to encourage, educate and empower women, building their self-confidence and allowing them to become independent and active citizens and take control of their own lives.

JAN Trusts ethos has always been to enable marginalised individuals to reintegrate with society, and improve life options for themselves, their families and the wider community. All of this was achieved through the provision of education and expert advice on the multiple barriers and issues these women were facing.

Our work tackling marginalisation and integration includes educational sessions, including the provision of ESOL, IT and Fashion & Design classes, as well a continually holding workshops to support the varying needs of our beneficiaries such as, but not limited to, employability skills, financial literacy and welfare benefits advice and support.

However over the years the JAN Trust has evolved to meet the growing demands of the community, expanding the work it does to ensure that no one is left behind, and that we cater to all the needs of our beneficiaries.

As a result not only have we expanded our work at a local level, but over the past decade we have developed programs that are delivered nationally. This involves delivering projects such as Against FGM, Against Forced Marriages , Web Guardians™  and our SAFE workshops.

Adapting our approach means that we have developed a holistic approach to tackle issues faced by our beneficiaries and this where the success of work lies. We aim to leave no stone uncovered, by fighting all drivers and providing support services to tackle and prevent and support the victims of harmful practices.

We are the only service in Haringey, and one of the few in the UK, that works in this way, providing a wide range of educational classes and support all from our centre, enabling our beneficiaries to build a rapport with the staff and other women enabling them to get all the support they need under one roof and to empower themselves and their families.

JAN Trust remains faithful to its grassroots, addressing local and national needs on an interpersonal level, bringing women and communities together and celebrating our success with those whom we exist to help.

Don’t forget to continue to follow our journey  and keep up to date with all our work!