JAN Trust’s 2018 journey!

JAN Trust’s 2018 journey!

At the start of New Year, it is natural to reflect on and consider how the year has been. Needless to say 2018 has been an incredible and busy year for us at JAN Trust! We’ve had some amazing highs, including working on vital social change projects and celebrating the achievements of our women! However , 2018 hasn’t been without some low points. As a small grassroots charity, it’s important to celebrate successes but also not to ignore the struggles that have been faced along the way. We’ve mapped out some of our highs and lows of 2018 below so you can follow our story, the issues we have been dealing with and how far we’ve come! We are positive and looking forward to what 2019 will bring including supporting more women and delivering more exciting projects!


Another Way Forward

In 2018 we developed and carried out one of our most innovative and exciting projects yet – Another Way Forward; Empowering Young Women Against Extremism. This project  was supported by The ISD and Google.org to galvanise and empower young women between the ages of 16-25 years old to tackle extremism and hatred in society. Through intimate and candid workshops, we educated these Young Ambassadors on the issue of extremism and also how to get their voices heard and enact change online via social media campaigning. This culminated with the students coming up with ideas for and filming their own campaign videos with a professional film maker! This has been such an exciting project and we were so impressed with the passion and creativity of our Young Ambassadors! We can’t wait to see their campaign videos – definitely a highlight of 2018!

SAFE Sessions

In 2018, we continued delivering our counter-extremism SAFE workshops across multiple London schools and colleges. With the support from ISD and Google.org, we were able to deliver more than ever before which was definitely a real highpoint. Educating young people on such a sensitive issue is vital work and hearing some of the amazing feedback and witnessing the engagement and curiosity of the students made it so worthwhile and fulfilling. Here are some quotes from teachers about some of our 2018 sessions.

‘The presentation was extremely well-pitched and student feedback was positive.’

‘That was a difficult topic but the facilitators handled it well’

One student even left us a thank you note, which was particularly memorable and a great feeling for the JAN Trust team!

JAN Trust

Certificate Ceremony

In December, we held a Certificate Ceremony at our centre to celebrate our beneficiaries and their amazing achievements our skills based classes including English, IT and Fashion and Design, which we provide from our centre in North London. It was a really special day, with women who use our services from all different cultures and religions coming together to celebrate their hard work and successes.

Many dignitaries were also in attendance, and we would like to thank our MP Catherine West , the Mayor of Haringey Cllr Gina Adamou, Deputy Mayor Cllr Sheila Peacock, Haringey Council, Cllr Joseph Ejiofor, Cllr Liz Morris and the Borough Commander Helen Millichap. We really appreciated all their kind and supportive words to our users and to us at JAN Trust. It’s hard to believe that we have been encouraging, educating and empowering women in our community for 30 years now – and still going strong! Congratulations to all our lovely users for their awards/certificates, your hard work has paid off – well deserved and what a fabulous way to round off 2018!

European Diversity Awards 2018

This year, JAN Trust and our CEO Sajda Mughal OBE were nominated at the Heathrow Airport’s European Diversity Awards 2018 in the categories of ‘Community Project of the Year’ and ‘Campaigner of the Year’ respectfully. This renowned awards ceremony aims to celebrate diversity across Europe and honour various individuals, campaigners, organisations and charities that champion diversity and are making a difference.

Out of 60,000 nominations, our CEO Sajda won Campaigner of the Year 2018, and JAN Trust were Highly Commended in our category. This was a real highpoint of 2018 as it cemented for us that all our hard work was paying off and that it was being seen, heard and valued by more people than we could have ever anticipated. A huge thank you to the JAN Trust Team and to the EDA’s for recognising the work of this small NGO!


Although these high points really do show what an incredible year of achievements JAN Trust has had, 2018 also brought with it some lows for us as a small, grassroots charity.


Home Office withdrawing funding for Web Guardians™

Motivated by her own experience surviving the 7/7 bombings and demand from the community, In 2010 our CEO Sajda Mughal developed the Web Guardians™ programme. This programme works with mothers and women, providing them with the skills, education and confidence to prevent online extremism in their families and community. This award-winning programme became renowned as a pioneering and unique initiative, focusing on the importance of women in countering-extremism.

Despite this acclaim, in June 2018, the Home Office decided to unceremoniously withdraw funding for the project, after months of false promises that funding would continue. This was a huge blow to our team and our community as we had worked so hard on this programme and could see how important it was for the women involved in so many ways. Knowing that we have an amazing project that works, but not having the financial backing to deliver it, especially being a small non-profit, is extremely disheartening.

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