JAN Trust Team

The JAN Trust team comprises of highly experienced community activists who are passionate about education, women’s rights and ending violence against women.

Our core team is made up of dedicated and empowered females with strong experiences in the fields of education, women’s empowerment, health, human rights, citizenship, community cohesion and interfaith.

Sajda Mughal OBE

After having narrowly escaped death during the London terrorist attack on 7th July 2005, Sajda left her corporate background with management consultancies and investment banking to now lead the multi-award winning women’s charity JAN Trust in its work to educate communities to tackle extremism, marginalisation and violence against women and girls.

The daughter of Ugandan refugees expelled by the dictator Idi Amin, Sajda is passionate in empowering those from under-represented groups (particularly Muslim women) and provides a voice for women, combats violence against women, working towards countering terrorism, and providing young people with the tools to achieve their ambitions in creating a better and safe society. For the past decade, she has supported thousands of women and young people across the UK.

Sajda develops and delivers programmes locally, nationally and internationally, focusing on issues such as women’s’ rights, countering extremism, education and integration. She has led an innovative, multi-award winning national project – ‘Against Forced Marriages’, which works at the community-level to prevent cases, support victims and raise awareness and eradicate the issue. The programme assisted thousands of women and girls across the UK. Sajda also published a report on forced marriages entitled “Consent Matters – Towards Effective Prevention of Forced Marriages within the Pakistani Community in the UK” which was launched by JAN Trust in the House of Lords.

In 2012, Sajda also published a report on online radicalisation – “Internet Extremism: Working towards a Community Solution“, which explored the issue of online radicalisation and discussed UK based case studies. She provides recommendations which draw upon her extensive experience working with Muslim young people, women and mothers in the UK. The report also provides effective community led prevention strategies including her highly acclaimed unique ‘Web Guardians™’ programme. The programme is the first of its kind and works with marginalised and Muslim women and mothers in equipping them with the ability to safeguard their children and loved ones from online and offline extremism. The programme has been delivered across the UK and has catered for thousands of Muslim mothers and young people where mothers have now taken an active role in preventing their children from following the pathway of extremism and being radicalised online.

In January 2019, Sajda was appointed as a Special Adviser to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s, Countering Violent Extremism programme. Sajda will offer expert advice to the Mayor to ensure effective policy is in place to counter violent extremism. Sajda will use her decade long experience in the field as well as her experience of surviving terrorism to inform policy and ensure that the capital is a safe place for all.

In early 2018, Sajda co-founded Survivors Against Terror, a unique network, of family members who have lost loved ones to terror and survivors of terror attacks. The network aims to hep tackle terrorism more effectively and ensure victims and their families get the support they deserve. Through the work of the network Sajda hopes that they will successfully influence and shape national policy on counter-extremism.

Sajda’s work and activism has received national and international recognition and she has been profiled in the Guardian, the Big Issue, Cosmopolitan, Red and Time Out Magazine. She has received a number of distinguished awards and was named 2015’s “Ultimate Woman” by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

In 2015 she also was awarded an OBE in the Queens New Years Honours List 2015 for her services and work towards community cohesion and interfaith dialogue. The Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness Prince Charles presented Sajda with her award at Buckingham Palace. She is the youngest Asian and Muslim female to receive this honour.

Recently in November 2018, Sajda won the prestigious ‘Campaigner of the Year’ 2018 award from the European Diversity Awards where over 60,000 nominations were received from across the UK.

Sajda has written comment pieces and appeared in printed press including the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph, the Evening Standard, the Mirror, the Sun, Closer Magazine and the Huffington Post.

She has appeared in a wide range of press including Channel 4 News, Sky News, CNN, ITV News, BBC News, BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ Programme, BBC Woman’s Hour, BBC Victoria Derbyshire Show, Channel 5 and ITV’s Lorraine Show.

Sajda is a member of a number of Advisory Groups for private companies, local authorities and with the Government including being part of the Prime Minister’s Community Engagement Forum.

She is an expert advisor on preventing and countering extremism with the online safety platform Internet Matters and is a member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS). Sajda has also co-founded the Survivors Against Terror network to assist and support survivors as well as influencing policy.

She is regularly asked to speak on her 7/7 experience and countering extremism at conferences, universities, colleges and schools both at home and internationally.

Sajda’s work has also been noted and commended by various key dignitaries including the current Prime Minister, Rt Hon Theresa May MP and the former Prime Minister, David Cameron, celebrities and various other Ministers.

For any speaking events, please email: info@sajdamughal.com.

Further information can be found at www.sajdamughal.com.

Rafaat Mughal OBE

Rafaat Mughal has been a long standing women’s rights activist. Her experience includes teaching and lecturing in East Africa, the Middle East, Europe and various other countries and appearing on African and Middle Eastern TV channels presenting on parental and women’s issues. Rafaat speaks a number of languages including 3 African and 5 Asian languages.

Rafaat moved onto working with MORI Poll as a researcher on issues affecting ethnic minority women such as Health and Racism. Rafaat has worked for various local authorities and has trained front line service providers on race, equality and diversity issues.

She was previously a Councillor and served two terms in Haringey. Rafaat was one of the first Muslim women to be elected in the borough as a Councillor and was the Chair of the Ethnic Minority Consultative Committee and an Assistant Whip. In addition, she also sat on various committees including Planning, Fostering & Adoption, Housing and Education.

In 1989, Rafaat founded JAN Trust to educate, engage and empower grassroots disadvantaged women. The organisation was formed from the demand of ethnic minority women. It was noted that there was a lack of services and knowledge of the systems within the UK. Over the years, she has led the organisation from strength to strength and has served and assisted thousands of women to become empowered, active UK citizens and has increased their independence in society.

JAN Trust and its work has been recognised by not only its users but by key dignitaries such as Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, Lynne Featherstone, MP and Minister, and Boris Johnson as the Mayor of London. The organisation has also won a range of awards including the Community Achievement Award 2011 from the Co-operative Group and the award for the Highly Commended Community Project 2012 from The European Diversity Award and Bank of America. Rafaat was also awarded The New Year’s Day Award for Recognition of Outstanding Achievement 2006 and her efforts were also recognised when she was invited to 10 Downing Street in 2009 and commended by the former Prime Minister, Mr Gordon Brown. Rafaat was awarded the Ambassador of Peace Award in 2009.

Rafaat was shortlisted and a runner up for A Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 from the DSC Social Change Awards.

Rafaat was awarded with an OBE in the New Years Honours List 2014. On 4th March 2014 she was presented with her award at Buckingham Palace from the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. In 2017, Rafaat was shortlisted, from among 22,000 nominations, as a finalist for the Lifetime achievement award from the National Diversity awards.

For any speaking events, please email: info@jantrust.org.


Sophie has experience in working with marginalised women and young people. She has previously been a teacher and has spent the last few years working with NGO’s where she has managed projects. Her passsion is developing the talents of young people as well as supporting vulnerable women.


Sarah joined JAN Trust after spending over 10 years as a project manager in the Civil Service. Her varied career has included working for a charity helping unemployed graduates, managing a charity summer play scheme, volunteering as a teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages, and delivering job search programmes for the long-term unemployed. Sarah most recently co-ordinated a ‘women into business’ training programme for a London based social enterprise agency. She now supports JAN Trust with their vital work needed by the local community.


Barbara comes from a financial background, having started work in a clearing bank, before moving on to a role at an international bank. Barbara recently retired from a retail bank, where she was the District Manager, having responsibility for a number of branches.

In addition to her time in banking, Barbara has also worked in both media and retail. She now carries out training to BAMER women as well as practitioners. She has a passion in assisting disadvantaged communities and helping those suffering from exclusion.

JAN Trust also has a range of teachers and volunteers to assist us with our services and activities.