JAN Trust is a multi-award winning charity empowering and providing leadership for women in order to create positive and active citizens of society


JAN Trust provides training to professionals as well as to its users.

For Professionals ...

We provide training and guidance to professionals helping them to develop their knowledge so that they can create effective policies and strategies.

We provide training on Radicalisation and Extremism, Forced Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Hate Crime and Islamophobia. We use our knowledge and expertise of working at the grassroots level to inform and educate professionals working in these areas. We can provide advice on individual cases, as well as cultural knowledge and language support if required.

In the past we have provided training on Forced Marriages and FGM to health professionals and the Police in order to raise awareness about these practices, the law surrounding them and the support available to victims. We have also worked with practitioners across London and the UK on safeguarding against extremism.

For our Users ...

For our users, we provide a range of training and educational programmes which range from vocational training through to workshops.

These courses help our users to continue their learning at other educational establishments and increase their employability.

All our training is provided at the highest standard with professional tutors to ensure our trainees receive the best start in their learning.
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