JAN Trust is a multi-award winning charity empowering and providing leadership for women in order to create positive and active citizens of society

Community Cohesion

Given London’s diversity, we organise various cohesion projects to encourage a sense of common belonging and cultural understanding.

JAN Trust

We also deliver a number of workshops across the country encouraging civic awareness between grassroots communities and policy influencers. One example is the first community cohesion conference in Haringey called 'One Community Many Voices,' which we organised and delivered. The conference gave members of the public, in particular Black, Asian, Muslim and minority ethnic women, the opportunity to question the leader of the Council, their local Member of Parliament, the relevant portfolio holder for Communities and the local Police Service.

This gave many of them the opportunity to engage with key influencers and policy makers in the borough for the first time.

"I've learnt so much about other religions and cultures that I never knew before coming to JAN Trust."
Mona, Walthamstow

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