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Director in Time Out magazine

In April 2017, Sajda featured in Time Out's weekly series 'My London Story' feature to talk about her experience of quitting life in The City to work towards prevent radicalisation and online extremism. To read a copy of the article, follow this link.

JT on BBC News

"We can't be defeated. We can't let this lone attack change our lives so that we live in fear." Sajda spoke about giving up her career in the City in the wake of the 7/7 attacks and urged Londoners to come together and overcome the Westminster attack in March as we did 12 years ago.

You can watch a clip on our YouTube account here.

Director on Lorraine Show

On the 23rd of March 2017, Sajda appeared on popular ITV morning show Lorraine to discuss the Westminster attacks and her personal experience of 7/7. She spoke about her difficulty re-living the attacks when tragedies such as the Westminster attack take place and the emotions she felt watching similar scenes unfold. In spite of the tragedy, Sajda noted that it was heartening to see Londoners coming together after the attack and helping each other, rather than falling victim to the divisive rhetorical the terrorists want to achieve.

You can watch the full interview here.

On BBC Victoria Derbyshire show

"The internet is playing a huge part in radicalising individuals" says director of JAN Trust Sajda Mughal in an appearance on the Victoria Derbyshire show. In a discussion about online radicalisation, Sajda discusses the role tech companies need to play in taking down extremist material from their sites in order to safeguard our children and communities from extremist violence.

You can watch a clip on our YouTube account here.


On BBC Newsnight

Our director Sajda Mughal appeared on the BBC's Newsnight to talk about what motivates a suicide bomber.

She stressed the importance of looking at radicalisation very broadly, of considering the many contributing factors which can cause an individual to be radicalised. Beyond ideology, we need to look at mental health, Islamophobia and champion inclusion and support for young people in our communities.

You can watch a clip from the programme here.

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