JAN Trust is a multi-award winning charity empowering and providing leadership for women in order to create positive and active citizens of society

Please support us in designing Haringey!

JAN Trust needs your help! We have launched a crowdfunding campaign with the Mayor’s Crowdfunding scheme. The aim of our project is to raise money to create the opportunity for marginalised women in Haringey to excel. We want to provide Fashion & Design workshops for these women, and then help them sell their creations in a pop-up shop. If we receive enough support from supporters of our charity, then the Mayor of London may match the funding that we get!

This opportunity would deliver real, tangible change to the lives of women here in Haringey. Talent would be unlocked. More women would have the chance to be empowered economically. More women would have the opportunity to feel fulfilled and challenged.

This is a great opportunity for us to support marginalised women, but this is where we rely on your help. Please click here to fund our project and make Haringey a more vibrant and creative area. We believe that with your funding, we will further show London what the women of Haringey have to offer. Let’s strengthen the fabric of society. 
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