JAN Trust is a multi-award winning charity empowering and providing leadership for women in order to create positive and active citizens of society

What People Say

Key dignitaries ...

“Social inclusion and the empowerment of young people and women from all backgrounds are essential to solving the root causes of radicalisation, extremism and hate crime. Your projects demonstrate the importance of the work you and other organisations do to address these issues that help the most vulnerable in our country.”
Rt Hon Theresa May MP and Prime Minister

"I was struck by your reference to enabling vulnerable communities to feel part of society rather than apart from it. It is salutary to consider the experiences that must have led the Trust to describe its work in such terms.
Rt Hon Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities

“Your programmes look to be ambitious and wide ranging which is commendable. Like many organisations across the country your contribution enables those at risk from radicalisation and isolation to fully engage in British life.”
Sarah Newton MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability

"I am pleased to send my best wishes to JAN Trust and would like to commend JAN Trust on the work they have achieved for Black, ethnic minority and refugee women in London. It is great to hear that you are improving the life of local communities and making a real difference. You have made a tremendous effort in dealing with social inclusion, raising aspirations of Black minority ethnic and refugee women and relieving poverty amongst this group and I would like to wish you continued success in all that you do."
Rt Hon. Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

"I personally see this as an excellent example of the importance of community-led schemes in tackling extremism online; thank you for your work."
David Cameron Former MP and Prime Minister

"I am pleased to send my best wishes to JAN Trust and am very supportive of the excellent work you are doing to promote community cohesion."
"We welcome the superb work being undertaken by NGO's and community organisations such as JAN Trust on the issue of forced marriages.....Your emphasis on empowerment and citizenship is one that we particularly support and your expertise working with women and communities is extremely valuable."
Nick Clegg, Former MP and Deputy Prime Minister

"I welcome the role of JAN Trust in empowering people from Black minority ethnic communities, especially women, in supporting them to build their skills and self confidence to enable them to play a proactive role in their communities and wider society."
Sir Eric Pickles, Former MP and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

"I have visited JAN Trust's headquarters and met their staff, and truly believe they offer an invaluable service, extending much needed help, advice and training to women who are otherwise hard to reach."

"It was encouraging to hear about the wide range of work being undertaken by JAN Trust.....The women learning English at the Trust seemed very happy and positive – and from the conversations I had with them, it is clear that the lessons are really helping with their language skills. It was like a mini United Nations, with women from all over the world – Vietnam, Iran and Poland, to name a few! The Trust are working on and raising awareness of really important issues, and I wish them all the best with their campaigns and work in the future."
Lynne Featherstone, Former MP for Wood Green and Hornsey and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development

"We value the work that JAN Trust does to empower people from Black minority ethnic communities, especially women - helping them to acquire leadership skills, engage and participate in civic society and to build their skills and self confidence to enable them to play a pro active role in their communities and wider society. We often hear that 'we are all in this together'. All of us have a role to play in the Big Society which we can all contribute and from which all can benefit. The result will be a safer stronger society in which everyone is valued and can play an active part. JAN Trust is helping this to happen and they should be congratulated for their work."
The Rt Hon. the Lord Stunell OBE, Former UnderSecretary of State for Communities and Local Government

"I'd very much like to commend JAN Trust on all the hard work they have achieved Black, refugee and ethnic minority women in London. I know that this hard work will continue and make such a difference to so many people. I wish you every continued success for the future."
Richard Barnes, Former Deputy Mayor of London

“JAN Trust supports a community of women that need the sanctuary of an all-female environment. The outcomes from the courses have proved very successful not only giving each individual a sense of personal achievement but also that they have been able to gain an award within a certified qualification. It is apparent when interviewing the candidates at visits how much this centre and the courses they offer means to the community. Learners grow in personal confidence, they are amazed at their personal achievement and how it is accepted within their home and community life. The centre, especially the assessor work closely with each candidate offering them not only professional support but also caring individual support. The assessors are very knowledgeable in their subject area. The students not only gain a qualification, but they gain a wealth of both practical and applied knowledge from dedicated assessors.”
City & Guilds

“JAN Trust is an excellent and very worthwhile organisation that does a tremendous amount to help women from disadvantaged and ethnic minority backgrounds. I was very impressed with the work when I visited the charity, and I will continue to support and wish the trust continued success with their invaluable work.”
Joanne McCartney AM, Assembly Member for Enfield and Haringey and Deputy Mayor of London

"I do appreciate and commend JAN Trust which is involved in empowering women and young people in order to help them integrate into the British society. The organisation has achieved considerable success and I hope that they go forward from strength to strength."
Lord Mohamed Sheikh, Baron of Cornhill

"JAN Trust's commitment to helping women from disadvantaged and ethnic minority backgrounds find empowerment and independence through its services and activities particularly education and training should be applauded and replicated across our communities ."
The Co-operative Group

"JAN Trust are the true front line when it comes to supporting individuals, families and whole communities who are facing extreme poverty and social disadvantage, and we congratulate you for this incredibly important work."
The Centre for Social Justice, UK

"JAN Trust stands out in an excellent field because of its incredible impact with a limited budget. It is a challenging and courageous charity."
One of the Judges from The Centre for Social Justice Awards 2013

"Congratulations for winning the twin award for the excellent work you are doing to protect and save vulnerable young girls forced into marrying a complete stranger often twice their age. Your award is well deserved and best of luck for the excellent work you are doing for the vulnerable youngsters in our society."
Harbhajan Singh, Former Councillor for Brent Council

"I would like to commend JAN Trust for its hard work in the community. The work of JAN Trust in training, mentoring, counselling and providing social support for women, especially from Black minority ethnic communities has a really important role to play in society."
Shahid Malik MP, Former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

"I was really impressed with the work that you have led at JAN Trust, and the positive change you have inspired in the women who have participated in the Trust's work."
Hazel Blears, Former MP and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

"JAN Trust is an excellent organisation who work extremely hard in order to deliver their services to the Borough with fantastic outcomes, enabling many women to go onto further education with new skills they have learned from attending the various classes on offer."
Haringey Council

"Haringey Council is delighted to assist and support JAN Trust in its work with BAME, refugee and asylum seeker women. We recognise the barriers these women face in gaining language skills and confidence, accessing employment and moving out of poverty. We see JAN Trust's services as making an important contribution to improving the lives of the most vulnerable women in our borough and look forward to working with JAN Trust for many years to come."
Councillor Lorna Reith, Haringey, Former Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion and Involvement

Our users ...

"Before I came to JAN Trust I could not speak English and lacked confidence. I am now able to communicate in English and have gained so much confidence. I have also made many friends which has increased my social circle and well being."
"I love JAN Trust - it's my second home."
"A big thank you to JAN Trust who has helped me gain new skills and confidence. They supported me in opening my own fashion business which is proving to be successful. JAN Trust has inspired me to continue with my business and support my family out of poverty."
"Thank you for giving me the opportunity in meeting with Lynne Featherstone MP. I'm really motivated to now get involved locally with the community. I would like to start by volunteering at JAN Trust."
"I now understand what a forced marriage is and that it is wrong. I really appreciate your immense support and one-to-one assistance."
"Without JAN Trust I would have continued with my abusive relationship. The support JAN Trust has provided me has lifted my spirits and I am very happy and am now re building my life."
“Through your Web Guardians programme with us you have now saved our families, please go out there and save more!"

"You have equipped me with the skills for employment and I'm now working as a Teaching Assistant. I was encouraged all the way. Very inspirational!"

“I would like to thank everyone at JAN Trust for the amazing work you do to educate our communities. I have thoroughly enjoyed the  Web Guardians© course, and plan to implement what I learned into my daily work and family life.”

"We have learnt so much since we started using JAN Trust's youth service. We enjoy coming here and doing different things and we've made so many friends. I don't know what I would be doing if I did not have the support of this service and JAN Trust."



"Thank you to the people at JAN Trust, I went through a forced marriage when I was younger, it is really nice to know that JAN Trust is working to end forced marriage and support people like me."
"I thank JAN Trust for providing me with advice on my housing issue. Without them I wouldn't have known who to turn to. I would have been very depressed."
"When I first came to the UK I was scared .The teachers here at JAN Trust have supported me and I have made friends. Before I couldn't speak English at all. For 20 years I did not go to school in Afghanistan. And now I have passed my classes here, I want to go college. Now I go to my kids parents evening. I can go on my own and am confident. I am very happy. I love my teachers and classes."
"Thanks to all at JAN Trust, they have made me aware of health issues that I did not know of. I have been able to pass this learning and knowledge onto my friends and family."
"If JAN Trust did not provide us with a service for the elderly we would be sitting at home lonely and depressed."
“The course [Web Guardians©] was excellent and well presented; a lot of the ladies have been affected because they know the families of the boys who left for Syria. With this course we saw how young people can be radicalised on the Internet. Now we know about it, we can help protect our children.”
"I'm very happy to be at JAN Trust. Before I joined here, I could not understand or speak a word of English and I didn't have any friends. I was at home every-day lonely and crying and now I feel so happy and confident. Thank you JAN Trust."
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